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Garage Door Sensor Repair and Realignemnt IN ONTARIO, CANADA

Malfunctioning Safety Sensor Replacement Services

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Is your carport not opening or shutting? Does it begin to open just to go back and forth withdraw? If so, it could mean your carport entryway sensors are needing fix. Without a functioning sensor, the simplicity of clicking a button to open your carport is a distant memory. Presently you should leave your vehicle each time you really want to open or close the entryway. That doesn’t sound tomfoolery. At Ottawa Garage, you can depend on our accomplished, proficient group of repairmen to come to your area and make the essential fixes promptly, all so you can return to carrying on with a more helpful life.


Your carport entryway is possible something you underestimate – until the day it quits working. With the press of a button, your entryway will raise or lower permitting you to pull in or out, while likewise safeguarding what is being kept inside. In any case, when your carport entryway tears down or won’t open as expected, it will unquestionably influence your everyday life. More often than not, the issue with your carport entryway not functioning as it ought to, is the sensor. The sensors in your carport are there to stringently guard you as they keep the entryway from ramming down onto you or an item. On the off chance that your sensor quits working, in addition to the fact that it is badly designed profoundly perilous. Focus on the signs beneath that highlight your security sensors requiring a maintenance.
  • Light indicators. A telltale sign your garage door sensors are out of alignment is by checking what color is blinking when you attempt to close your door. Green lights mean the sensors are working, while red lights indicate the sensors are not aligned.
  • Dirty lenses. Sometimes fixing your garage door sensors requires a quick cleaning. The sensor lenses can fail to operate when dirt or spiderwebs block their view of the garage door opening. Cleaning your sensors regularly can prevent this type of malfunction from happening.
  • Damaged wires. The wires responsible for connecting the garage door sensor system can undergo wear and tear as a result of regular use, weather and even pests. You should frequently check to see if the wires have water damage, chew marks, or any other indications of damage. If you spot anything out of the ordinary, it’s a sign that repairs might need to be made.


Making fixes on your sensors when you notice they are breaking down, is a significant stage to take. Not exclusively will it be awkward for you on the off chance that your carport entryway won’t open or close, yet it will likewise mean less security for your private or business building. A few advantages that accompany making brief fixes include:


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